by Cartface Design Team | 23-02-2017

India is one of the major producer and supplier of Handicrafts products in the world. India has been major producer and supplier of handicrafts products since very long time. Before the industrial development, this art and industry was a potential economic advantage for the country. The industry employs a large number of people. It is highly potential and has lot of opportunities which are still to be explored. Though the industry has high potentials for export business and employment, it is highly unorganized.
The very true fact is that, most of the artisans and craftsmen are still uneducated and are technically challenged, which limits their art and talent from global exposure.  These craftsmen are lagging behind because there is no one to help them from technological point of view.
Here’s the SWOT analysis of the handicraft industry
”    Large, diversified and potential market.
”    There is large product variety and range is available because of diversified culture.
”    It has strong, diversified and supportive retail infrastructure.
”    Diversified product range that service different market.
”    Cheap labor rates that result to competitive price.
”    Need low capital investment.
”    There is flexible production flexibility.
”    Low barriers of new entry.
”    Easy creation and development of production centers.
”    There is no need for macro-investment.
”    Industry provides potential sources of employment.
”    Products are high value added, and handicrafts have various applications.
”    It is the potential source of foreign revenue because of higher export.
”    Lack of infrastructure and communication facilities.
”    Unawareness about international requirements and market.
”    Lack of co-ordination between government bodies and private players.
”    Inadequate information of new technology.
”    Inadequate information of current market trends.
”    Less interest of young people in craft industry.
”    Lack of skilled labor.
”    Still confined to rural areas and small cities and untapped market.
”    Lack of promotion of products.
”    Rising demand for handicraft products in developed countries such as USA, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Italy etc.
”    Developing fashion industry requires handicrafts products.
”    Development of sectors like Retail, Real Estate that offers great requirements of handicrafts products.
”    Development of domestic and international tourism sector.
”    E-Commerce and Internet are emerged as promissory distribution channels to market and sell the craft products.
”    Competition in domestic market.
”    Balance between high demand and supply.
”    Quality products produced by competing countries like China, South Africa.
”    Better Trade terms offered by competing countries.
”    Increased and better technological support and R&D facility in competing countries.
Almost all of these threats and weaknesses can be dealt with and kept in check with the usage of Social Media Marketing and information technology. Some benefits of Social Media Marketing are listed below-
”    Through social media marketing, you can deliver enormous amounts of information in an interactive manner.
”    Through social media marketing your branding could be viral in a very low cost and with minimal manpower.
”    You can directly communicate to your clients irrespective of their places and timings.
”    Your well photographed image and a short good description about the product will themselves speak their story without your speaking even a word.
”    People can directly buy from your desired links and they need not to have that touch and feel of the product.
”    Through social media networking groups, your product can be liked, shared and viewed by like-minded people who would be interested in buying your product instantly.
”    The traditional method of selling your merchandise in fairs and exhibitions are not very much compatible with the modern day buyer. With the emergence of online mediums, people prefer to save their time and money and thus they give preference to the sellers and exporters who can communicate them via online means.
”    Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest are some of the ground-breaking platforms through which you can take your business to the heights of success, if used in the proper manner.

Skillful usage of internet as a resource can take the Indian Handicraft Industry to new heights. Well organized, planned and usage of resources can turn the industry to a high gainer in the race of revenue.