by Cartface Design Team | 23-02-2017

Indian handicraft has always been one of the best ways to improve the décor of the house. They are not just part of the old Indian tradition but are also a great way to decorate your home because they look antique, appealing and beautiful.

When it comes to handicrafts, you must know that people from all around the world come to India to experience its pristine culture, beauty, varied traditions and to buy its handicrafts. The diversity and richness of Indian handicrafts is world famous. Handicrafts of India include a huge variety. There are jewelries, furniture, stone craft, pottery, sculptures, paintings, marble craft and much more.

Indian traditional handicrafts have revolved since many ages and were then dependent of several factors like religious beliefs, local needs of the patrons’, local needs of commoners, and royalty and a special focus on domestic and foreign trade. Times have changed, now. Today, they are used as decorative items in homes and offices, and are considered great presents to be given to someone close to you. Among the various types of handicraft, the most popular ones are briefly described below that you must have to turn heads.

Wooden Handicrafts: Traditional Indian wood carving has been popular around the world. Great craftsmanship of various types like carving of Gods, carvings on jewelry boxes, key chains, nameplates, room screens, and much more became famous in no time. The most popular areas to look for wood carvings include Tamil Nadu, Kashmir and Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh. The best part is that there are ‘n’ number of designs available for every budget size.